Customer survey
The team is asking you to answer a few questions:
Rate the overall quality of services provided by HireForYou.Pro
Evaluate the quality of the brief
Evaluate how well the candidates met your expectations
Степень удовлетворенности предоставленным рекрутером
Will you use HireForYou.Pros services in the future?
Would you recommend HireForYou.Pro as a trusted IT hiring partner?
Do you know about the bring a friend program and the refer a friend bonus?
How long did the recruitment process take for your company?
How often did you receive updates on the progress of the selection process?
Do you feel we have fully understood your companys candidate requirements?
Evaluate our ability to adapt to changes in your needs during the selection process.
How satisfied are you with the responsiveness of our recruiters to your inquiries?
What changes would you suggest to optimize our current processes?
Are there any services you would like to receive from us in conjunction with recruiting assistance?
Evaluate the importance to you of transparency in your interactions with us.
How do you measure the cost-benefit effectiveness of our service?
Appreciate our agencys level of innovation and technological sophistication.
What is your overall view of the candidates we have presented?
How can we increase your business satisfaction with working with us?
How can we make the recruitment process less resource intensive for you?
Assess our recruiters level of involvement in the recruitment process.
Do you need us to support you in onboarding new employees?
Do you feel we handle your objections and suggestions effectively?
What have you enjoyed most about working with us?
What is your perception of our pricing policy?
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