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About Us
Since 2015, our team has been providing fast, top-notch hiring services to startups and large product companies in Europe, Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the CIS region.

  • We draw up the brief collaboratively with the customer and start actively hiring.
  • We are able to close vacancies quickly (from 2 weeks to 2 months) and accurately, follow the existing process and SLA, and build partnerships with the customer.
  • Our work is based on 2-week sprints, we use the kanban board and agile philosophy.
  • The time of closing a vacancy usually doesn't exceed 2 months.

As a result, you get a fast and high-quality recruiting business partner, involved in your business.
Our Domains

Artificial intelligence

We'd like to propose
Choosing HireForYou.Pro, you are getting the solutions that will provide
an opportunity to focus and significantly improve your business.
  • Closing difficult positions
    Searching of the most suitable candidates
    for the role.
  • Recruiter outstaffing
    Providing the specialists to strengthen
    your team.
  • Professional interviewing
    Help with hard & soft skills evaluation
    of top managers and leading IT specialists.

  • Process and development consulting
    Help to align the existing processes or build new ones from scratch. Creation of the general architecture of the departments.
Our Team
HireForYou.Pro team isn't just made up of senior specialists with different domain zone stacks, we are partners who are united by the desire to provide first-rate service to our Customers!
  • Alex
    Founder/Operations Manager/Recruiter

    Over 10 years of expertise in IT business management. Recruitment for C-level and administrative positions. Also responsible for BizDev.

  • Ksu
    Head of Recruiting/HR Manager

    More than 7 years of experience in finding and building excellent IT teams. Recruitment for C-level positions and technical positions with a rare stack. 6 years of experience in gaming industry and a great love for games:).

  • Mikita
    Head of PR and Marketing/IT Recruiter

    Has been involved in marketing, PR and project development in various domains since 2018. Recruitment for AI Engineers and Marketing positions. Also responsible for marketing.

  • Helen
    Senior BizDev Manager/IT Recruiter

    Extensive experience in IT sales and marketing. Experience in building departments and teams. Recruitment for Engineers, Sales, Account managers, BizDev, etc. Also responsible for BizDev.

  • Marina
    Senior IT Recruiter/HR Manager

    Extensive experience in hiring developers, including more than 4 years in the field of microelectronics. Also successful experience in onboarding, adaptation, exit interview. Recruiting for engineering positions with a rare stack, also C-lvl and HR.

  • Anastasia
    IT Recruiter/Sourcer
    International recruitment experience in various industries (Information Technology, Client Service, Marketing, Human Resources) in the European market and the CIS locations. Recruiting for engineering positions with a rare stack, also Art-positions and HR.
  • Friday
    Recruitment Consultant
    A universal assistant and the best recruiter in the IT world.
  • Iryna
    Intarnational Humen Resources Consultant
    Buckle up)
    Versatile recruiter with cross-industry expertise in IT, Restaurant, Construction, and Pharmacy. Skilled in managing candidates from Junior to Senior levels, overseeing the full recruitment cycle, and fostering a positive work environment. Proficient in employee relations, assessment, training, change management, staffing, performance management, and benefits.
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